Many criteria are taken into consideration when deciding to buy a house. After the budget is determined, first of all, the location where the house will be searched is decided. The choice of this location is determined by its social facilities.

Neighbors may change over time, and the interior decoration of the house may differ; however, social opportunities do not change as easily and as often as other factors. However, the social facilities of the house both determine the quality of life. Before deciding to buy a house, it is useful to learn about social opportunities.

Increases the Quality of Life

Having social facilities around the house primarily reduces the time spent during the day and provides the opportunity to receive qualified service. For this reason, the social opportunities that will be needed while looking for a house should be evaluated and a decision should be made in this context. Social opportunities related to the quality of life that may affect the decision to buy a home are:

  • Multi-purpose gym:

People who prefer to do sports regularly can look for a site that allows the use of a multi-purpose gym or a house with a gym in its vicinity. Thus, they can do sports by only going to a place within walking distance.

  • School options:

The choice of school and the diversity of other educational institutions are important criteria in determining which neighborhood the families will live in. Areas with qualified educational institutions and schools where children can go on foot are more preferred by families. The location of the house becomes even more important, especially since children who will go to public schools can only go to schools close to their neighborhood.

  • Pool and children’s playground:

Both adults and children need to have fun and do sports every period of the year. Especially in metropolitan cities, meeting this need may be related to the route to be followed and the budget to be allocated. Having a swimming pool for adults and children close to the house, and a playground and resting place outside, ensure that this need is met easily.

  • Transportation Facilities:

Proximity to main roads and public transportation points is also one of the social opportunities that make life easier. For people who have a routine such as going to work or school, the existence of different transportation options is a reason for preference. In addition, parking space facilities for car owners can be counted among the social opportunities.

  • Socio-Cultural Facilities:

The presence of places such as a concert hall, cinema, and cultural center near the house is one of the factors determining the quality of life. Being able to reach socio-cultural points without getting into city traffic and experiencing any fatigue increases the value and importance of the house.

  • Security Service:

When choosing a place to live, it should be taken into account whether it is safe or not. It can be learned whether the building or the site has security cameras or whether the entrances are controlled by private security.

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