You need to examine every detail when buying a house. A home is a big investment and this can present problems for both the buyer and the owner if due care is not taken in the buying and selling process. Anyone who is considering buying a home should pay attention to the following items.

Buying a home is an investment for a lifetime. When purchasing a house, the location of the house, its proximity to schools and streets, square meters, and a number of rooms are very important. You should also pay attention to the seasonal conditions of the city and region where you will live before buying the house. This will allow you to spend less on heating and cooling in the future. Well, which facade should be preferred when buying a house? Both north-facing and south-facing houses have their advantages.

Does the South Facing House Get the Sun?

One answer to the question of which facade is better when buying a house is the south facade. In houses with a south façade, the room designated as the living room is designed to correspond to the south side, and areas such as the bathroom and kitchen are designed to correspond to the north side. One of the most advantageous aspects of south-facing houses is that heating problems are much less common compared to other facades. Especially compared to north-facing houses, south-facing houses are easier to heat and this is more economical for households.

South-facing houses are the ones that receive the sun best. For this reason, most of the time, the sun-induced house is warmer. In addition, south-facing houses are more luminous. The time of light coming into the house is longer in these houses. If you like to live in bright and long-term lighted houses, we recommend you to look at houses with south facades. If the winters are harsh in the area you live in, south-facing houses are better for you. Because in cities where the winter months are not harsh, the cost of heating in south-facing houses is considerably reduced.

If you are about to buy a south-facing house, but you are uncomfortable with sunlight, you can choose sunshades or blackout curtains that provide full blackout.

Does the north facade house get the sun?

The most distinctive feature of the houses facing north is that areas such as the living room, the main living room, or the bedroom are positioned to the north.

Does the northeast-facing house get sun? This facade receives less sunlight than the south facade. This causes heating problems. It is more difficult to heat north-facing houses than it is to heat south-facing houses. If you live in an area with very hot summer months, the north side may be better for you. If you are thinking of living in a south-facing house on the south coast, you should get help from additional devices to cool the house during the summer months. This means an increased electricity bill in the summer.

The biggest advantage of north-facing houses is that they are more affordable than south-facing houses. If you don’t want to push your budget when buying a house, you can choose north-facing houses.

How To Understand The Facade Of The House?

If you’re wondering how to understand the facade of the house, it’s pretty easy to find directions. To do this, when you come to the front of the house, look out the window. If the sun rises on the left side and sets on the right, your house is south-facing. The opposite is north-facing.

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