Hello everyone!  I think it is time to introduce myself. You have been watching us on YouTube and following us on social media, and over the couple of years that we have been active on social media, we have had a lot of questions about my team and me. Today, I will answer all of them in this interview!

Question  1: Can you introduce yourself? Who is Eva Nihal? What is your educational background?

I am Eva Nihal. I’ve been living in the DC Metro area for more than two decades, 25+ years. I am the true example of the American dream, who came here as a graduate student with a scholarship. After my master’s education, I came to Prince George’s County as a special educator because there was a big teacher shortage in 2001. 

I am a  people person, and I like to be around people; it energizes me! My friends usually call me a people connector. I like home parties,  inviting people to all kinds of events with music and dance.  Home gatherings are my favorite; they are more fun, cozy, and friendly, and you get to know each other closely. I think we all should go to each other’s homes in a more casual, spontaneous way. It should not require days of planning in advance.

What I am trying to say is that I love homes. Believe it or not, I have been drawing home doodles since my childhood. Usually, with a chimney and smoke.

Question 2: How do you spend most of your time?

I have three kids: a set of twin daughters who are almost 14 years old and my son, who is 8 years old.

I will be honest: I used to spend my time taking my kids to the playgrounds, parks, and play dates, and I quite enjoyed it. Now, I take them to different activities like tennis and dance. I like to have quality time with them individually. I am surprised by how much they have grown and how sophisticated they are. Sometimes, they even correct my English pronunciation of words. 

Question 3: What is your favorite book?

The four agreements. It is my bedside book.

Question 4: How many years did you work, and why did you change careers?

I worked as a public school teacher for around nine years.  Then my twins came along, and I tried to keep up with my teaching job and being a mother at the same for one year. I resigned from my job mainly because of the commute time; I was living in Bethesda and driving to PG County. It was a little too much with two babies.

Question 5: How did you decide to be a realtor?

When my twins were five years old, we were looking for a new home with great public schools. The realtor who helped us inspired me, and I realized how important this job is. First, I partnered with more experienced realtors. This helped me gain experience and knowledge in the field.

After ten years of teaching, I found real estate to be my late-found love while I was looking for a house for my family and myself. I love working with people and helping families, friends, and clients with all kinds of their real estate needs with my team. 

Question 6: How do you like, and how well do you know the DMV area?

Working as a public school teacher for many years taught me how to work with different kinds of personalities. Sometimes, when I go back and rethink my decision to move to the DMV area, it was a bit of a coincidence, or I was meant to be here. I am in love with the Washington DC Metro area. This is my chosen home!

I spent my youth in all three states, Virginia, Maryland, and DC, in different neighborhoods. Right now, I live in Maryland, and I am so proud that I am knowledgeable and have experience living in all three states. I am also licensed in all three states.

Question  7: Can you tell us about your Real Estate Team? Ev A  Team, your service areas and goals?

In 2021, we established a team with other brilliant realtors. This makes us specialize in different real estate needs. Our goal is to be a one-stop shop real estate company. Whether you’re buying, selling, or investing in commercial or residential real estate, we’re here to help you achieve your real estate goals. As Ev A Team, we are very happy to serve our community diligently, transparently, and honestly. Whether you’re a first-time home buyer or you’re searching for an upgrade to your dream home, we’d like to be your trusted real estate partner.

Question 8: What makes your services different and sets you apart?

What differentiates our services is that we take the time to understand your unique preferences and needs to find the property that’s just right for you. But what truly sets us apart is my dedication to our clients. We don’t just sell homes; we build long-lasting relationships and genuinely care about your unique needs and goals. As Ev A Team, we are dedicated to ensuring you have a smooth and rewarding real estate experience.

Question 9: How do you help home sellers when they are ready to list and sell?

When you’re ready to list or sell your house, you need a realtor who knows the real estate market well and who is a good negotiator. I have a proven track record of helping sellers get the best possible price for their properties. With a keen eye on market trends and a gift for strategic marketing, I’ll ensure that your property stands out and attracts the right buyers.

Question 10: Do you help Real estate investors? How do you help them?

For the investors out there, I’m an expert in understanding the industry and market trends that will help you identify the best investment opportunities to meet your financial goals. Whether you’re building a real estate portfolio or flipping properties for profit, my experience and insights will guide you toward making the right and profitable decisions.

Question 11: What would be your most important message today for the people watching us?

We are here to be your trusted real estate advisor. Our passion for real estate and client-first approach make Ev A Team the right choice to help you achieve your real estate dreams. Don’t forget to follow us on our social media accounts, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube!

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